Your Trusted Partner in Adjudication Services and Representation

Adjudication is designed for businesses to resolve construction contract disputes much more quickly and cost-effectively than through arbitration or litigation, with a decision usually reached within 28 days.

As experts in adjudication, OGP can guide and represent you through each stage of adjudication whether you are the referring party or the responding party.
OGP’s extensive knowledge and experience can not only represent you in any proceedings but also offer preventive advice as commencing adjudication may not always be the right solution.

By virtue of The Construction Act allowing a party to a construction contract to refer a dispute to an adjudicator ‘at any time’, OGP has acted as Party Advisor and Representative assisting their clients in areas such as:-

  • Non-payment of monies due for particular stages of a development
  • Contract Terms Interpretation
  • Value of the Works
  • Breach of Contract / Termination / Repudiatory Beach
  • Delays to construction
  • Requests for extensions of time
  • Poorly executed and defective work
  • Clarification of the scope of a project

OGP retain highly experienced construction law specialists with over 25 years of combined experience in both construction law, commercial and operational technical knowledge and representation of parties in adjudication proceedings.

OGP can develop and execute strategies, providing you with knowledge and guidance to provide a quick resolution to disputes.

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